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Hello Dolly,


My members club is here and I couldn't be more excited. If we havent crossed paths yet let me introduce what I do and if you think im a good fit for your goals I hope to see you inside.


I am a digital marketer working globally to plan and execute strategies for business growth and I have designed ‘Helly London Online’ to show savvy entrepreneurs like you exactly how I drive sales and create business’s that win in an overcrowded market. After coaching 100’s of women to 6 figure business’s I decided it was time to open my members club and allow more women to join me.


There is no science, there is no system and no theres not another blueprint. My key to 6 figure online selling is understanding buyers purchasing habits and following simple marketing rules that drive clients to you simultaneously without spending ££££’s on ads. I got you this far right?


With ton’s of resources, videos, ready to copy strategys and supportive women aswel as my daily on hand guidance - my members club is where you need to be to take your business up a notch and never chase a sale again.


I hope to see you on the inside.


Helly xx

What is the members club?

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A one stop shop for wildly ambitious women growing successful businesses as digital marketers, coaches or digital service providers. We are a global community sharing thoughts, ideas, plans and inspiring and supporting one and other.


You will have access to business resources, contoured trainings, marketing strategies and much much more to help you turn your big dreams into a big business digitally and independently. A one stop shop for all your business needs so you'll never have to spend ££’s on courses, clubs or systems again - I’ve got you covered!

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"I really needed to take my business from making 3k a month to more but I was stagnant and just couldn't move past it, The Club has given me all the tools to hit my next milestone and now i'm moving on to the next. The support from the other ladys and Helly has really helped me grow my knowledge and not feel so alone whilst working from home."

What you'll get -

A big business review

  • Well review where your at and where you want to be

  • Your dream clients and business and how you’l serve them

  • Your big business vision board

  • Your client avatar

  • How your getting your business message infront of your potential clients

  • How to generate the revenue you want


The big business skillset

So you have your review done now its time to show your ready to copy marketing strategies, skill sets and simple business tactics to get you unstuck and fully booked with ease.


Big business’s take action

Through live Q&A’s and one to one chats ill help you put in play the strategies you’ve learnt to help you reap the rewards as soon as possible. The other ladies are fab too and love to share ideas so don't be afraid to ask their opinions on your next big business move. You’ll always be held accountable and you'll never be on your own - Were the kick up the butt and the helping hand when you need it!



Monthly Q&A’s

24/7 support

Private community of thriving entrepreneurs

Instant access to all my trainings

Instant access to my ready to copy marketing strategies

A free 60 minute coaching call with me

Regular super seller sales partys to boost your end of month sales

Suprise industry influencer live video chats and resources

No fixed contract so you can leave anytime

30 day refund period so you can try me out


*Usual monthly fee is £25.99

My commitment to you..




Your pledge to me ..

30 days of pure goal slaying. If you really committed to your business and self belief set a goal and stick to it, dont be too easy on yourself lets really push your big dreams and show you what you can do in your first month with me.


Throw yourself in the deep end and get really stuck in to my trainings and resources and ill help you track your success and make it happen.


If your big dream isn't getting bigger cancel your membership and ill give you a refund no questions asked!


What will you make happen with this level of support and resources?



What business stage is the members club for?

Whether your just starting out, trying to take your business full time, hit your first 5k month week or day ive got you covered. My trainings start from the first stages of business planning and hitting your first sales to scaling your business and going global.

What business industries is the club for?

The principles I teach are the same for the majority of digital business providers and services so whether your a social media manager, PR consultant, business coach, VA, graphic designer, event planner, speaker, copy writer, brander or course creater - theres a home for you here. If your really not sure email and we can discuss it with you.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Its currently xyz per month to be a member.

Can I pay anually or just monthly?

You can pay annually or monthly whatever is more affordable for you.

Im not happy with the results can I get a refund?

Of course, you can opt for a refund any time in your first 30 days if you feel like the members club is not givng you the results promised.

Can I cancel anytime?

You can cancel at anytime but I hope you dont, the clubs a great place to grow your business exponentially. However if you log into your members section you can opt out.

Are there any extra costs for your resources after joining the club?

Once your in your in! Its all yours! You will also get exclusive discounts, VIP offers and free event invitations to any other services I provide.

I live outside Europe will this still benefit me? Can I still join?

Were global babyyy! Whether your in the UK (like me), Europe, America or Asia youll be right at home here and will benefit just as much from my members club as anyone else.

Am I too old/young to join?

The only criteria to join is that your wildly ambtious and infectiously determined so whether your 18, 30, or 55 your a perfect match.

Do you limit enrollment?

Yes, My first and foremost priority is making sure my members all get the level of support and expertise they need from beginning to end so from time to time I will shut the club doors to work on something big for my ladys.

When will I get access to my free 60 minute coaching call?

When you join you can log into your members area where you will have full access to my calendar so you can book yourself in for a time that fits you best. I have morning, afternoon and evening availability weekly to be accessible to all time zones and schedules.