I actually feel a little silly for starting this blog by saying this but I began writing this a couple of weeks back and thought who the hell wants to read this? Everyone has their own way of managing their day to day life you've been a mum for a couple of months - shut up! But in actual fact i've seen many people on Facebook questioning how the hell do you boss mum life, work life and home life? So heres a little insight on how I cope (try to cope) on a day to day.

I am a mum to an 8 month old little munchkin and a full time business owner. As many of you reading this will know I am a business sales coach and marketing manager which means 70% of my business can be done from anywhere however, I do often have to leave my pyjamas at home and venture out for my marketing business.  

So for all you female boss's killing it at home on a day-to-day here are my top tips for keeping your sanity, your business in check and not missing the fun stuff with your tot.

DISCLAIMER: After reading this please don't think I always have my sh** together I don't lol!

1. Get the house work out the way

Having a clean and tidy house is a big deal especially if your working from home. No one can think in a untidy and clutter filled space. Every Sunday I do a big clean so my day-to-day cleaning is minimal and free's up as much time as possible. Get the washing out the way, clean the windows do the polishing run a nice bath and get into those fresh bed sheets and sleep like a baby before Monday hits!

2. Prioritise your schedule

I work around my baby I don't make my baby work around me. Look at your baby's routine, for example if you always done coaching calls in the afternoon but thats when your baby gets crabby and needy, switch it up do your coaching calls in the mornings and/or evenings. I've come to learn what baby wants baby gets and they are so much more important than work so save the fluster and dancing your way through your business calls to prevent crying and switch up your schedule. From about 7am till 2pm Maya is very much content playing independently and crawling around causing mischief so after breakfast I put her down to play and get all my time sensitive work and coaching calls done.

3. Don't get the Laptop lifestyle blue's

Have you ever got that rip your hair out feeling from staring at the same 4 walls everyday but don't have the time to get out an about because you need to get your hustle on or your swamped with work? This was my first winter as a mum and I got it bad! Where do you go with a baby that is fun for them and you can work? If your anything like me and slightly neurotic, the thought of leaving your baby with anyone but your mum or partner makes you feel sick I have a solution. If your reading this Dionne thank you for this - The answer is the gym! Yes the gym, There are so many gyms that offer free childcare in their soft play nursery areas within your membership. So for 4 hours a day you have a fully qualified nursery nurse playing all sorts of fun games with your little one and your a stones throw away keeping a close eye sipping coffee in the lounge and working in peace! Pure bliss!

4. Have a sh***y day when you need a sh***y day

Don't feel like going online today, writing a blog post or planning for your next webinar? Tired, Overwhelmed and just want to chill with bubba? DO IT! DO IT! Please don't take this the wrong way and start ignoring your clients and not responding to emails but if its not time sensitive bloody leave it! Your the boss aren't you? Isn't this why you work from home to create the lifestyle YOU desire! Every now and again we all need a break from social media, and all the other nitty grittys of online business's and we just need to enjoy ourselves. Go on that day out with the kids, hide under the duvet, whatever it is you need that day off to do take it and don't feel guilty.

5. Poor preparation leads to poor performance

Theres only 24 hours in the day and I try to make every waking hour count as much as I can. So in the evenings when my feet are up and the princess is in bed is when I do most of my learning, research, planning and browsing. Put your feet up have a shower and while your watching Eastenders get the lappy out. This is a huge contradiction because I always say to my clients to make sure they have time to unwind and de-stress of an evening but I absolutely love the couple hours I get before bed to do all the little things online I dont get the time to do during the day.

There you have it the 5 ways I keep sane and balance my work days with my little princess. Drop me a line on social media and let me know how you do it!

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