Those who are in business or marketing understand the significance of social media for business strategy. Let’s take big businesses like Uber or ASOS. Despite being big businesses, they use social media to their advantage. Uber had one of its largest social media campaign revamps in 2018. The “Doors Are Always Opening” campaign consisted of video advertisements on television and online (particularly on YouTube), a redesign on the Uber app logo, and frequent social media pop up with promotions for new users. Likewise, ASOS uses Instagram greatly and has reported sales growth of between 25% and 30%. During the summer they released their first Instagram Stories campaign which aimed to create brand awareness, targeted at those mainly in their twenties. The Stories showed everyday people partying, playing sports and “chilling” with their friends – relatable right? In total this ad campaign reached 3 million, me definitely being one (I don’t even want to disclose how much money I’ve spent on ASOS in the past year…).


Social media is not stagnant and is continuously evolving so it is becoming more necessary to stay on top of social media trends, which are useful for your business strategy. Considering the average person uses social media for around 1 hour and 40 minutes per day social media advertisement seems to be the way forward. Below are some of the predicted most popular social media trends for 2019:


1. Authenticity

86% of consumers said that the authenticity of brands had an impact on what brands they liked and whom they wanted to support. Try to stay true to your business’s roots, don’t attempt to create a voice tailored to just for your audience and avoid falling into the narrative of other brands. Stay real, stay you.


2. User-generated content

60% of people see content created by users as the most authentic take advantage of when people tag you in their posts or share posts with you featuring your brand. Unpaid advertisement is good advertisement. It shows everyday people supporting your business. This can range from brand selfies or videos of customers.


3. Videos

Right now, videos are a BIG thing, and this is predicted to continue being popular in 2019. Audiences do not like lengthy, or over wordy videos. Try and post video ads online or go live on your channels but keep them short and sweet.


4. Listen to what people are saying about you online

96% of people talk about brands online but don’t follow the brand’s pages or profile. There could be conversations about your brand that you don’t know is happening. Keep up to date on your mentions, possibly set up alerts on Google or Twitter. Also, always respond to mentions and queries online. Be  responsive and seen by other users online.


5. In story ads

Over the last couple of years, YouTube adverts seemed to have reigned in effectiveness online. However, over the past year in story ads on Instagram and Snapchat have become frequently used. Take advantage of it!


6. Quality over quantity

Although you want to maximise your numbers and reach as many people as you can, you also want people to pay attention to your content. Keep it interesting and engaging.


7. Influencers

We live in a world in which millennials look at influencers for inspiration and recommendations, this ranges from reality TV stars to A-list celebrities. Get in contact with influencers and gain yourself some brand ambassadors!


8. Visual Search

Do you have a Pinterest account? If not, it might be time to make one. The site has over 250 million monthly users who look for inspiration and products. Visual shopping and browsing are predicted to remain popular in 2019. Keep your products visual based and easy to find.

9. Keep evolving

Both business and social media are always changing, expanding and adapting.  Keep up to date with trends to keep your follower base and custom flowing.


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