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Melanie originally began whatmelmakes as a personal journal of her illustrations and paintings. Always drawing and painting since she was young, Melanie now works on private commissions for clients such as pet portraits and abstract acrylic paintings. She has also worked alongside businesses such as Bonvila and Destroy these cards for a number of design and illustration briefs. Aiming to make art accessible and personal, she focuses on providing the highest level of communication and honesty to her clients in order to deliver something truly heartfelt and special every time.

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Dionne started her entrepreneur journey in her 20s. She has owned various businesses including her latest fashion accessories brand Dionne & You. Dionne's passion has always been in empowering women to reach their true potential. She founded Academy of Success as a community for women to Inspire, Empower and Motivate each other.  As a Confidence & Mindset Coach she has a successful track record in transforming women’s mindset, so they are able to achieve their potential and step into their greatness.

She regularly posts videos on social media to encourage and motivate women to continue on their journey and tips to staying focused.